About Us

About Us

Find out what we are all about here at Trapeezy, and why we do what we do.

What is Trapeezy?

Trapeezy.com is a local arts, media and entertainment job search website that is focused on providing career opportunities to creative professionals and those looking for work in the media industries of Canada.

We use all sorts of really cool methods of networking in order to promote job growth in our country and facilitate the connections between employers who have work and who are looking for people to fill those positions, AND, talented individuals who are seeking out full-time, part-time, contract, freelance, and temporary jobs in those areas.

Behind the website, Trapeezy is just a small company, a start-up if you will, owned and operated by creative Canadians for creative Canadians. We like to think that we will always try to remain in this spirit – as we continue to grow we will never forget those who have helped us along the way, and our aim is to always provide the best experience for anyone who wishes to use our service.

How does it Work?

It is branched off in two ways basically, companies who have jobs online on our website, and people looking for work on our website. These are the two main proponents of what makes Trapeezy operate.

Employers, Job Listings and Stuff
We charge a certain amount of money for someone to list a job on our website and the cost to post a job here is lower than anyone else in Canada (see prices here) intentionally. We are not trying to “undercut” anyone else’s job board whether large or small, we just feel that the prices we set out on our site are reasonable considering we do not need to operate with so many employees, overhead costs, nicely interior decorated offices with pool tables and catered food, etc.

How we get these jobs listed is important too. When an employer or someone looking for talent posts a job on our website, it is heavily vetted. We look at the type of job, formatting, proper locations and emails, descriptions, etc etc. – in hopes that the job that DOES get listed is the best it can be. We don’t want just to fill up the website with nonsense, think of it as a privilege to be listed here – and yes, we DO turn away certain listings if they don’t meet our criteria and we don’t take anyone’s money until it goes through this process either.

In other cases we actually look for jobs to post here. That means they get listed on Trapeezy for FREE, for the purposes of gathering together the best possible listings in Canada so that we can provide the best possible service, again heavily vetted for everything mentioned above.

What our aim is with respect to employers is to make it so that Trapeezy is first place to go to find local talent in Canada. Sure there are a bunch of other websites and companies that offer the equivalent of what we do, at a much larger price mind you, but again – we don’t want to compete with that, we just want to do our own thing, and that suits us just fine. It’s never been about the money anyways, it’s only been about the service to others.

Creative Talent, People looking for Jobs
We know how hard it is to find a good job in the arts, media and entertainment industries in Canada. The creative engine that drives our artistic community here is usually never fully recognized by large companies, and almost never affordable for smaller ones.

It’s a conundrum, but nevertheless with this slow emergence of an entertainment driven economy, it is becoming more and more apparent that the bridge between owning or using creative people for work and actually paying them a respectable wage is widening – and that’s a good thing.

On Trapeezy you will notice that there aren’t any fees for looking for work, nor are there any logins to have yet another profile online for you to spend time on. To apply for a job, we simply have a form with some simple details where you can attach links to your work, or references, or even a resume if need be. This is the intro we provide, the handshake for your potential new employer, it’s up to you to do the rest.

In saying that we do monitor ALL activity going through the forms, not your personal information, but for security purposes we scan any files for viruses automatically before the system sends them out. Your personal info is sent securely via bank-grade encryption so we don’t have access to what has been sent. We also make sure that you are who you say you are with email validation, and geo-location verification methods to make sure you are a Canadian applying for a job posted in Canada. the only rule we have for applying for a job is that you must be a Canadian citizen, if the rule gets broken your access will be denied, simple.

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