Who’s Hiring? Find out below

If you’ve been asking the question, whos hiring in the media industry? Then look no further. We are constantly on the lookout for companies who are active in their search for great talent. Here are some links to employers that are hiring right now! You can also check out our latest jobs here.

Mind Geek Logo - Trapeezy

Mind Geek
A creative design company that focuses in IT, Web Development and SEO. Mind Geek is always on the lookout for top talent in Canada for their Montreal offices.

Rockstar Games Logo - Trapeezy

Rockstar Games
The famous video game design company behind the successful GTA series has an office in Oakville that is usually looking for people in Canada who can be apart of their company.

Legend 3D Logo - Trapeezy

Legend 3D|VR|FX
Legend 3D is a well-known visual effects company. They have their own job board looking for talent for their Toronto location for a lot of contract work if you’ve got what it takes!

Corus Logo - Trapeezy

Corus Entertainment
Corus is an iconic Canadian Media Company. They have outlets all across Canada they hire very frequently. Check out their job board and see if there is anything in your area you might like.

Ubisoft Logo - Trapeezy

Ubisoft is another gaming giant, makers of the successful Assassins Creed games among many many others. They hire frequently as they develop new material so check out this page often!

Eastlink Logo - Trapeezy

Eastlink is a company that focuses on delivering high-quality media content to Nova Scotia and surrounding areas. They always have many job openings, you should check them out.

Google Logo - Trapeezy

Of course no career website list would be complete without Google. You know them well, you use them everyday, but did you know they hire across Canada all the time?

Bell Media Logo - Trapeezy

Bell Media
This Canadian company is consistently for their ever growing need for more talent. Specific to their media division across Canada, the job opportunities are vast, it’s worth a look!

IPG Mediabrands Logo - Trapeezy

IPG Mediabrands
Talent is at the core of everything they do at IPG Mediabrands. They search the world for best-in-class talent from all backgrounds, check out their careers page for job opportunities in Canada.

Method Studios Logo - Trapeezy

Method Studios
Method Studios is an award-winning international visual effects group with facilities all over the world. Click the link and check out the jobs available in Vancouver!

DHX Media Logo - Trapeezy

DHX Media
DHX Media is the world’s leading independent, pure-play children’s content company. They are always looking for talented people for their Toronto and Vancouver offices, take a look!

500px Logo - Trapeezy

Join a team of fun, talented, and dedicated people looking to improve the world of photography They are always on the hunt for creative people who want to join their team – check them out!

Autodesk Logo - Trapeezy

Autodesk, Inc. is a company that makes all sorts of software. They have one of their offices in Montreal and they hire frequently for various types of talent in Canada.

Electronic Arts Logo - Trapeezy

Electronic Arts
Electronic Arts Inc. is a global interactive software company. Check out their career pages in Vancouver, Charlottetown, Edmonton and their new location in Kitchener for awesome opportunities!

Atomic Cartoons Logo - Trapeezy

Atomic Cartoons
Atomic Cartoons is always looking to recruit talented and enthusiastic additions to their team. They have many types of job openings, and they hire frequently for their offices in BC.

UMedia Logo - Trapeezy

U Media
Umedia is a vertically integrated, international film group with 160 staff based in London, Brussels, Paris, Vancouver and Los Angeles. they look for creative people for their Vancouver offices often.

Archiact Logo - Trapeezy

Archiact is always looking to build our their team with awesome new talent for their offices located in Vancouver, BC. If you think you have what it takes, then check it out!

Coradix Logo - Trapeezy

Coradix is a consulting company that deals with many clients looking for creative talent in Canada. They post jobs often from all over the country. This is a great place to continue your job search online.

Mr. X Inc. Logo - Trapeezy

Mr. X FX
MR. X is an award-winning Visual Effects company that thrives on crafting creative solutions to seemingly-impossible scripted moments in film and television. Jobs in Toronto and Montreal!

Digital Dimension Logo - Trapeezy

Digital Dimension
Digital Dimension is comprised of award-winning artists, programmers and producers who specialize in CG and animation, they are always on the lookout for great talent!

Digital Extremes Logo - Trapeezy

Digital Extremes
Digital Extremes is an award winning computer and video game studio located headquartered in London, ON. They are always looking for the right talent for the job, check out their career page!

Whos Hiring in Canada?

If you are looking for something specific and cannot find it here on this page give us a shout! Maybe we can help you with your job search!