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Posting your job on our website is really easy. We also offer highlighted listings as well as social network promotion to give your job a little more reach!

How it all Works

If you need a little more information on how this all works, keep reading!

POst a Job on Trapeezy - Step 1

Fill out the Form

You can include images, logos, text, video, HTML and links all for no extra cost inside your job listing, or send us a PDF/DOC and we’ll do it for you.

Company Privacy Settings
Internal/External Applications
SSL Encrypted, McAfee™ Secured

POst a Job on Trapeezy - Step 2

Promote your listing

Every listing comes with FREE Twitter promotion, but we can also promote your job through Facebook using targeted methods that ensure your job gets noticed big time!

On-Site Highlighted Listings
Network Reach up to 800,000 people
Target by location, interests and more

POst a Job on Trapeezy - Step 3

Expect a reply

Candidates will send you their resumes and professional information so you can make an informed decision about your new hire. Guaranteed results or your money back!

Fully Monitored Job Listings
No logins or redundant company profiles
100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Pricing and Features

You can check out the cost of posting a job online with Trapeezy below, compare us!

Standard Listing

Let's get your job listed online!
$30 per job (30 days)
  • RichText, Images, Video or HTML
  • FREE Twitter Job promotion
  • Company Privacy Settings
  • Internal/External Application Links
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Standard Features List

The features listed below are included in ALL listings on Trapeezy

FREE Twitter Promotion

Every job listing on Trapeezy comes with FREE Twitter promotion, which gets retweeted through our network to people in the industry looking for work.

Company Privacy Settings

If you’re working on the next major blockbuster film, or a super secret new mobile phone app, you can set your privacy settings to suit.

Google Maps Integration

Jobs are automatically submitted to our “Search by Location” page which displays an interactive Google Map of your listing for ease of use

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Trapeezy we offer a full refund if you are not satisfied with the results of your job listing, no questions asked! We want you to be happy!

Text, Images, Video or HTML

In order to make your job listing look great, you can add formatted text, hi-res images, logos, HTML, external links, YouTube™ and Vimeo™ videos

Internal/External Application Links

If you would like to have you r applications sent off-site you can. You have the choice to use our internal email application system or your own.

Custom Formatted Display

Too busy to type our your job? No problem, just send us a PDF, or DOC in the job form and we will format it, and post it for you, FREE!

SSL Encrypted, McAfee™ Secured

All of the information your input into our forms, including your payments, are secured with the highest standards possible online, shop safe!

What are you waiting for?

Posting your job on our website is really easy and affordable. If you have any questions about anything give us a shout! We would be happy to hear from you!