Promoter Rules

Promoter Rules

These are the official trapeezy Promoter Rules that govern this website, please read at your convenience.

ALL persons who would like to participate in the Trapeezy Promoter Program offered here on our website must accept these Rules before joining. These rules are mandatory and will be strictly enforced by Trapeezy staff. If you have any questions or concerns about any of the Rules posted in this document you can use the contact information provided below. Thank you.

1. SPAM, Telemarketing, Robocalls (automatic dialers), Email Blasts, and Unsolicited and Unwanted Digital Contact is forbidden.
[a] A Trapeezy promoter MAY NOT engage in spamy business practice digitally or physically. This includes pushy random emails, email list blasting, SPAM, spoofing, telemarketing (cold calling, or harassing type), creating a nuiscance in public, sign making, public demonstration or group pyramid scheming/MLM. We want you to connect with potential customers on a friendly basis, earning their trust, and providing a service that may help them or their businesses. As a promoter, you represent this company professionally. Any persons found promoting the program in any of the mentioned ways will be terminated from the program immediately. (You can find some tips on our “Promoter Tools” page located at on how to engage customers and clients in a professional manner.)

2. As a Promoter for Trapeezy you must be a Canadian citizen, and operate within Canada.
[a] A Trapeezy promoter must live in, or have a permanent address, or maintain residency in Canada, any persons found promoting the website who do not posses the above status will be terminated from the program, and their earned funds witheld by Trapeezy Canada. [b] All submitted job listings on our site must be listings about potential work, contract, or otherwise located in Canada, AND be submitted through the “Post a Job” form located at, no other form of submission is acceptable, and we will not post jobs that are not available solely to Canadians. (we may accept jobs for working abroad from time to time, at Trapeezy staff descretion, for example: “Hiring Canadians to work elsewhere”) [c]. Each promoter MUST have access to a Canadian phone number, or computer, or email and/or means to communicate our website services digitally within Canadian boundries.

3. You must own a Canadian Bank Account that can accept Interac-E-Transfers.
[a] Trapeezy pays out earnings on the 15th, and last day of every month via Interac-E-Transfer only, regardless of weekends or holidays. Our offices do not carry cash on hand, we will not issue cheques and we will not use PayPal or any third-party payment gateway to issue funds. [b] The email you used to sign up the the Promoter Program will be the email used to issue your funds. [c] ALL EARNED FUNDS THROUGH TRAPEEZY WILL BE PAID IN CANADIAN DOLLAR AMOUNTS, we will not convert any funds for you, the funds will be issued by an admin/staff in Canadian dollars only. [d] You are responsible for your own taxes, as a promoter you are “hired” into the company as a “special contractor” and our payments to you are considered promotional costs to the company, which gives us the right to refuse any income claims you made on your behalf to us as an employer or contractor.

4. These rules can change at any time, without notice
[a] As we continue our Trapeezy Promoter (Pilot) Program we may change, alter, add to, modify, exchange, edit or delete certain parts of this document without notice to you. This is done to facilitate new positive growth in the company, and changes in the programs needs for better suiting all our Promoters. [b] It is your responsibility to read these Rules from time to time. [c] A permanent copy of these rules can be found here:

Should you have any questions or concerns, you can contact using the below information. Thank you for your interest in our Promoter Program and GOOD LUCK!!

Trapeezy Canada
1 Yonge Street, Suite 1801
Toronto, Ontario

Ph: 1-833-TRAPEEZY

Last Updated: March 31st, 2017